What you'll learn

    1. What is Continuous Delivery?

    2. What Problems Does Continuous Delivery Solve?

    3. How Does Continuous Delivery Differ From Continuous Integration?

    4. What about the other CD?

    5. Introduction to Continuous Delivery Quiz

    1. What is GitOps?

    2. Push vs. Pull Models

    3. How are GitOps and Continuous Delivery Related?

    4. Introduction to GitOps Quiz

    1. What is Argo CD?

    2. How does Argo CD relate to GitOps?

    3. How does Argo CD relate to Continuous Delivery (CD)?

    4. Argo CD and Kubernetes

    5. Introduction to Argo CD Quiz

    1. What is an Argo CD Application?

    2. How Does an Application Determine What Resources to Deploy?

    3. How Does An Application Know Where To Deploy Resources?

    4. What Does it Mean To Sync An Application?

    5. What is Application Health?

    6. The Argo CD Application Resource Quiz

    1. Overview of the Lab

    2. Argo CD Lab

    3. Argo CD Lab Quiz

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